Spanish Gastronomy: Fish

Andalusia is a land rich in healthy food. It enjoys many hours of sunshine, a fortunate climate and a great variety of ecosystems, from the sea to the mountains. One of the most outstanding foods in this part of the country is fish, which is the delight of its inhabitants and, of course, of those who visit the area. Do you know what the best ones are?

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Seas and rivers

Fish from the sea are the tastiest in the Andalusian community. It is only in certain mountainous areas farther from the sea and with less favourable communications where river fish are commonly tasted; here, the star is the trout. Later we will tell you how it is usually cooked and presented at the table.

Marine fish from the Andalusian coast are the most abundant at all fishmongers and restaurants. However, different kinds of fish are common in each area of Andalusia and trying those of each locality is recommended.


The area of Huelva has the most recognized shrimp. The white shrimp of this area of the Atlantic are particularly rich in flavour. In addition, in the coastal regions of this province it is highly recommended to eat coquinas and clams, which are also specialties of the area. They are fresh and delicious. The area of Cadiz has additional types of outstanding seafood, such as mussels and cañaillas.  sardines.png (740 KB)


In Málaga the sardine is the queen of the table. It is prepared on charcoal-broiled skewers and is a real delight, a delicacy that anyone visiting the area should try and enjoy. In addition, sardines are rich in vitamins and omega-3s, so not only do they not promote weight gain, but they also provide health and protection for the heart and brain.

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Tasty fried fish

Fish in Andalusia is usually fried, in fact, it is very typical to find in bars and restaurants a menu that offers a variety of fried fish from the area. The most recommended fish to eat fried are boquerones, pijotas, acedías, cazón, and choco. They are usually fresh and are delicious when presented to the table with a good salad or a seasoned tomato. It is important that everything is done with a good extra virgin olive oil so that the taste is optimal.

In the mountains

We have already mentioned that in inland areas river fish are more frequent. Trout is a fish that does not have much flavour by itself, so it is usually cooked with a slice of Serrano ham inside, then wrapped in aluminium foil and placed on the embers of coal or the fireplace. It is highly recommended, especially if the ham used is a good Serrano ham from the area.

The benefits of fish in the diet are recognized worldwide, and in this area of the country you can enjoy both oily and white fish, fresh and fresh. The consumption of frozen fish is not as frequent in the area, since with fresh local fish widely available, who could resist?

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