Is there rich marine life on the Costa del Sol?

The Costa del Sol, in Málaga, is recognized for among other things, its beautiful beaches. Here, people often go to enjoy amazing sunny days, sometimes even during the cold season.  This same warm climate, and the region’s location on the approaches to the Mediterranean Sea, also attract some interesting and unique marine animals, and there are not only fish among them!

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Marine mammals

Whales and dolphins can be seen from the coast and these are probably the most attractive animals that people enjoy watching. Although it is not very common to find very exotic marine life near to the coast, some species of dolphins and whales are very adventurous and usually come very close to shore. This is particularly true of bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales, who are used to sharing the same habitat.

Farther from the coast it is sometimes possible to see other species, such as the common dolphin and striped dolphin. These species enjoy colder water, so they are usually seen only from ships in deeper water.

But there are also even more curious mammalian creatures to be found. Fin whales have passed by Málaga’s waters several times, as have enormous baleen, killer and sperm whales. They do so when migrating to other places, exactly passing by Málaga, in the Mediterranean Sea and crossing the Strait of Gibraltar.

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Diving on the Costa del Sol

For those who enjoy diving, the Costa del Sol can become a favourite destination. When in the deep water, some kilometres from shore, there is a beautiful hidden environment full of small marine creatures.

To make it safer, there are many scuba diving centres where people can get the required equipment and be instructed by a professional, to enjoy a better experience. These centres can be found in different parts of the coast, but usually bring clients near Gibraltar to experience the fascinating marine life there.

By diving on the Costa del Sol, people can see different fish species such as the beautiful gobies as well as many exotic plants. There is also the wonderful opportunity to swim near dolphins and whales and even touch them. In some cases, divers have found such surprises as a Pez Luna (ocean sunfish).

Another interesting animal found in these waters is the sea slug. Divers usually enjoy admiring the various species that prefer the temperate waters off Málaga. Around 85 species of amazing sea slugs have been seen on the Costa del Sol, including the blue slug, the yellow sea slug, and the bright pink Flabellina.

Let’s go!

To sum up, there are many reasons to make a visit to the deeper waters of the Costa del Sol, especially for those who admire the natural marine life. This is a place full of interesting creatures. The temperate environment attracts a lot of animals and having Gibraltar as a migratory stop for some of the most exotic animals is a great advantage for nature lovers, while the areas near the coast are always safe for enjoying a simple beach day.

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